Unlock Your Soul Purpose

It's written in your hands!

Welcome! Congratulations!

Your curiosity got you here.

You have taken the first step in answering the two most important questions in your life:

Who am I?

What makes me uniquely me? What are my innate talents, gifts and personality traits? How can I be my best self?

Why am I here?

How can I lead an aligned, meaningful life that is fulfilling and satisfying to me and I know, at a deep level, I am living my “right” life at the Soul level? What is my Soul’s Purpose in this lifetime?

You have the answers

They are literally Written In Your Hands.

About Me

My name is Nisha Helmig, I am a Certified Advanced Hand Analyst with the IIHA, “International Institute of Hand Analysis” with a background in holistic health.

I was at a crossroads in my life about 10 years ago and being in my latter years, I did not want to waste any time figuring out what my last stint of service would be. I was reverently praying in a beautiful garden for guidance, when all of a sudden, I cried out to God and said, as I was holding my hands, palms towards my face, “I can’t believe you put me here on planet earth without a private Instruction Manual. Please, just direct me and I will follow that direction.”

A month later, I met Richard Unger, Director of the IIHA. He read my hands and I got my clear guidance. My purpose is to help others find their meaning and direction in their lives - what better modality than Hand Analysis?

I enrolled in the 3 year course.

About Hand Analysis

We actually do have a Personal Life Instruction Manual written right in our very own hands.

It is an encoded language waiting to be deciphered.

Your Life Purpose is encoded in your Unique Fingerprints. Your Personality Traits, Talents, Gifts and Challenges are revealed in the rest of your hand.

The Personality Psychology

Did You Know?

Just like there is a connection for reflexology and the brain, there is a neurological connection between the brain and the hand on the level of the mind. Basically, as you think, lines will appear and disappear in your hands.

Everything that is in your hand, the shape of your fingers and palms, of the zones in your fingers, your fingertips, the major and minor lines, gift markings, wisdom markers, heart and spiritual journey markers, challenge lines, all of that is a reflection of your mind.

We call this the Psychology of the Personality.

This is where we identify the overall shape of palm and fingers to determine your basic temperament, the thumb to see how you get things done, the twelve zones of the fingers for personality strengths and weakness. The major lines in the palm tell us how are you wired for relationships, do you like to share your feelings or not, and mentally, how do you make decisions, quickly or through long deliberation?

What is your basic temperament? Are you grounded and productive, intellectual, dynamically creative or a sensitive empath? Do you have artistic or organizational talents? What are your challenges?

All of these considerations, and many more, unique to who you are, are written in your hands.

We have been told: Know Thyself. This allows you to make choices in your life in alignment with who you truly are, at both a Soul and at a Personality level.

Being able to read this map creates Clarity of Direction. Our motto is Be Who You Are, therein lies a life of satisfaction.

The Soul Psychology

The Navajo Indians have a saying about fingerprints: "The Great Spirit breathes in the breath of life, and the tracks of that breath become our fingerprints."

Fingerprints are etched in the fetus in the womb before the brain is formed. Science has acknowledged that every person has unique fingerprints and that that they are immutable - they never change. Everything else in the hand can change, fingers get bent out of shape, lines appear and disappear.

So, to us as hand readers, the information encoded in your unique fingerprints is not coming from your brain, your mind.

We consider this information to be from the level of the Divine. Your unique fingerprints encode your Divine Blueprint - we each have a calling from the level of the soul that wants to experience deep meaning and purpose for our lives.

Our fingerprints reveal:

What Does a Hand Reading do for me?

“To have your hands read, is to stare deep into the truth mirror, to stand revealed before your very eyes. A hand reading shows you who you are today and who you can be at your best.” Richard Unger, IIHA

Hearing what your Life Purpose is, as revealed in your fingerprints, can be a paradigm shifter for some or a deep validation for others. Living your Life Purpose is about living in alignment with your Soul’s deepest yearning for meaning, it brings clarity and purposeful direction to your life.

It takes the guesswork out of Who am I and Why am I here?

As we identify different archetypes and gifts and talents, indications for vocational choices can be made clear. When you know you have a certain talent or proclivity say for being an artist or speaking in public, you will find yourself choosing to step into those possibilities rather than shying away.

I read the hands of a 64 year old man, who was about to retire from an aircraft maintenance job of 40 years. His eyes filled with tears when I suggested that he had the archetype of an Artisan who could specialize in one of a kind pieces of furniture, functional art. He had started that in his early 20’s and left it to raise a family. Could he have raised his family if he had had the validation that this was a special vocational gift for himself?

This is key information on which to make informed choices about our direction in life.

"How do I get started?"

It works like this:

Option #1

Soul Purpose Hand Reading

Learn the 3 key pieces of information that remain unchanged for you during your lifetime. Reading is about 1 hour via Zoom video call or in-person when possible.

Your Life School of Consciousness: Your Spiritual Training Focus

Your Soul’s Life Purpose: Your Gift to the World

Your Life Lesson: Your Blind Spot – Growing Edges


Option #2

Soul Psychology & Personality Psychology Readings

Plus Comparing the Two Maps Together

(3 Sessions for the Price of 2)



🇨🇦 If you are from Canada, please pay by e-transfer in the same amounts mentioned. Please send money to nishahelmig@gmail.com.


Nisha's intuition, knowledge and integrity as a practitioner set my experience in having a session with her apart from any other reading I have gotten. I was blown away by the amount of insight my hands revealed. It felt like she was peering into parts of myself I had never revealed to anyone else, barely even myself! The insight I gained from our time together gave me the courage to step into my full power and start truly living my purpose. 

Danni Lynch

It was an amazing process of remembrance that I really enjoyed. I had never felt so seen before in ways that most people don't see me. I know more about myself now and how to apply my gifts in day to day ways. I love Nisha's enthusiasm and it felt really good to be held by a person who has been doing this work for so long. 


I just had an amazing hand reading with Nisha.  I found her insights/reading to be 98%+ accurate.  This accuracy paired with her deep care and depth of awareness from so many disciplines provided me with concrete considerations and directions to pursue the full expression of my potential.  What a gift!  Thank you Nisha.  I have zero hesitation to recommend you to anyone interested in unearthing the magnificence they were meant to be!

Daniel Sam

I have to say, my experience with you has greatly opened my eyes.  It went over what I had expected and showed me or CLARIFIED  what I had already been thinking for a long time.  I recommend anyone who needs guidance in a particular area of their life to get a session with you and see where that takes them.

Jonathan Pomerleau
Massage Therapist


I'm excited to meet you and help you discover your purpose! Don't hesitate to contact me.

💖 🌹 🙏 🌹 💖

Nisha Helmig

Certified Hand Analyst