Nisha Helmig

Empowering people to live their Right Life by identifying their Life Purpose

Nisha Helmig, Certified Advanced Scientific Hand Analyst & Influential Spiritual Messenger

Nisha's passion is to help conscious individuals and entrepreneurs by bringing them clarity and direction by identifying their unique life purpose, their soul-satisfying calling: that which will bring them a meaningful life of contribution. She brings over thirty years experience as a holistic health practitioner in a variety of modalities assisting others to reach their full potential.

Now, in the second half of her life, Nisha is focusing on Advanced Certified Scientific Hand Analysis. Having twice toyed with palmistry, in her 20s and again in her 40s, she paid attention when it came around one more time in her 60s, especially since she discovered scientific hand analysis.

She is passionate about helping others gain clarity about their life purpose and understands the difference it makes when you’re passionately on purpose. Nisha has had a very challenging family life, which resulted in her leading a double life (actually reflected in her hands) of silence and secrecy on the one hand and seeming normalcy on the other. As she started to heal in her 20s, she reached out to help juvenile delinquents from Skid Row in Vancouver. This led her to shed many bad habits as she took on being a role model and it inspired her to look even deeper into what living a truly happy life was. She learned from the kids that It was an internal job, not an external one.


That took her on a journey and a 7-year stay at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She actually played a major part of inspiring and starting their Holistic Health Center, which is still operational today. She was involved in running programs at the Health Center, was a vegetarian cook in the kitchen and ran the very successful health and book store there.


From there she went to Toronto, where she started a holistic skin care business where she introduced reflexology to manicure treatments and did amazing 3 hour long homeopathic, heavenly facials (she was totally living on purpose at this time in her life!) Next, she assisted a naturopath who ran detoxification programs and she became a colon therapist, iridologist and Body Alignment Therapist (now called Life Alignment). Subsequently, she returned to Vancouver where she ran a very successful practice as a Life Alignment Therapist, incorporating colon therapy, ozone therapy and other health related therapies.


Always deeply involved in her spiritual and personal growth, she experimented with all sorts of healing modalities on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. At age 59, her life came crashing down when she got involved in someone else’s business and it failed. Her life and reputation were ruined. Heartbroken and directionless, she floundered as she reviewed what had happened and eventually decided she was not serving anyone by being unhappy and powerless so she chose to be happy one day and started rebuilding her life. Then she met Richard Unger, creator of Scientific Hand Analysis, had a reading and an awakening and decided to become a hand analyst herself. She brings a wealth of knowledge, gained through experience, exploration and learning, plus she is empathic, intuitive and compassionate.


Currently living in Vancouver, Nisha loves pilates, yoga, being in nature, hanging out with friends and endlessly studying Hand Analysis. She is upping her credentials as an Advanced Hand Analyst to become a become a Master Hand Analyst. In addition, ever cognizant of the latest and greatest in healing the body, she also promotes selling PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) mats, which support the body to protect itself from wireless technology, cell phones and smart meters, plus it is certified by Health Canada for all aches and pains (who doesn’t have some of that?) and circulation. She calls it her old age insurance program. You can check it out at


Lastly, Nisha is also reading hands live on a radio show at every second Thursday at noon. So call in and participate by sending in photos of your hands for a free mini reading on the air.

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