What is Scientific Hand Analysis?

Hand analysis is the modern form of ancient palmistry. It does not foretell the future or tell you how many children you will have. It is not a psychic experience; ­ it is scientific and can be learned. It is about Self Discovery and Self Actualization. Your hands reveal who you came here to be, what you came here to do, the work you came here to get done, and the challenges that you came here to face.

Scientific Hand Analysis has been developed and popularized by Richard Unger, Master Teacher and reader of over 60,000 pairs of hands. He is the Creator and Director of the Institute of International Hand Analysis since 1985, where he has trained over 500 people to read hands.

Richard Unger’s most significant contribution has been the deciphering of a person’s Life Purpose in the fingertips.

The Hand Analyst examines the overall shape of palm and fingers to determine your basic temperament, the thumb to see how you get things done, and the twelve zones of your fingers for personality strengths and weaknesses.

The lines in your hands are inextricably wired to the thinking process in your brain and neurologically imprints the lines according to your thoughts. Your mind changes and consequently, so do your lines over time. Your lines tell you how you love, how you think, what your special gifts and talents and challenges are. There is always an upside and a downside and often Delicious Dilemmas ­ i.e.. Your Life Purpose is to be in the Spotlight Inspiring People and your Life Lesson is that you’re afraid of Rotten Tomatoes (Criticism) being thrown at you. That’s a cosmic joke. Your work is cut out for you.

Having your hands read takes you into a deeper awareness of who you are and empowers you to make clearer choices. Most of us are playing too small. The Universe had a grander vision for us but we get caught in our challenges with feelings such as I’m not good enough, I can’t do that, I’m not worthy of love etc. We call this being in the Student Path. We are here to move through this and come into our Master Path of knowing I am good enough, I can do that and I am worthy of love. We get to choose again consciously and the Universe is kind enough to have given us a map, pointers of what is specifically ours to engage with.